About The Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue

The Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue (FTFDR) is a 501 (C) (3) all-volunteer non-profit organization that is saving the lives of homeless puppies and dogs on the tiny eastern Caribbean Island of Anguilla since 2019.

Driven to make a difference on a 16-mile x 3-mile-wide island with 14,000 residents, Anguilla enthusiasts Leigh Fazzina and David Straub (of Philadelphia) founded the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue to help save the lives of homeless puppies that would otherwise not have a chance at life in Anguilla due to overpopulation. Leigh and Dave have built a team of 25 volunteers from foster parents to transporters. Every volunteer brings a special set of dog rescue skills and can-do attitude willing to make anything happen.

The Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue works to identify Anguilla visitors who can volunteer by transporting a puppy from Anguilla to the United States, organize the Freedom Flights, promote the puppies for adoption, and adopt the puppies to individuals and families in the United States.

Where We Get Our Puppies

Fly To Freedom Flyer Dog Rescue obtains its puppies two ways:

  1. By working with the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) and Morlens Veterinary Clinic to adopt the puppies that they vet and clear for adoption.
  2. By individuals on Anguilla agreeing to surrender homeless puppies to our organization and keeping them in private foster care on-island.

It is important to note that Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) is the only dog rescue in Anguilla and their work is focused on on-island puppy rescue and adoptions only. Where the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue comes in is getting the puppies to the United States for adoption.

The Veterinary Doctors We Work With

All of the puppies that we fly into the United States for adoption are healthy, vaccinated and enter the country per U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. We work with two outstanding veterinarian doctors and staff at both Morlens Veterinary Clinic and Pelican Mobile PetCare in Anguilla.