Robin (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Gender: Male
  • State: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Age: 3 months
Available for Adoption in Minneapolis!
Meet Robin! Robin, from Anguilla, is a very sweet baby boy just shy of 3 months old. He’s a playful little guy. Robin plays with his brother, Batman, really well, but he also has a chill side. He sometimes will be relaxing while his brother and foster siblings (female 4 yrs old & male 2.5 yrs old) are running around! He was a little nervous around his foster siblings the first time he met them, but he warmed right up and now thinks they’re best friends. Robin is currently in a foster home with a 10 month old baby who he ADORES!
Robin would do well with another dog, but he would also be a great solo dog with a loving human as he’s a little bit more relaxed than his brother. He’s so so so cuddly and loves to curl up in your lab and fall asleep in your arms! Robin loves giving kisses, sometimes a little nibble too, but is learning very quickly to just kiss instead. He has seen his foster sibling kitties and doesn’t totally understand why they don’t want to play with him! Like any puppy, he would need practice respecting a kitten’s boundaries if the home has cats.
Robin is working on potty training, and like any puppy, he’ll need patience and consistency while learning. He has slept in his kennel just fine overnight. He is very food driven which will help a lot for his positive reinforcement training. Robin will be a medium size down around 30-40lbs. As any young pup, he will need a patient home willing to put in the time, love and effort and work on his training.
Robin comes with his medical records and age appropriate vaccines.
Open up your heart to our little super pup Robin (and maybe even his sidekick Batman too) and he will give you a lifetime of love!!
If interested in adopting Robin, please apply through the application below. You will pick him up in Minneapolis, MN.
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