Flying to forever… One pup at a time.

About Us


About Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue

The Fly to Freedom Dog Rescue is a foster-based non-profit organization that rescues homeless dogs from Anguilla and brings them to the United States for adoption. 

Driven to make a difference on a 16-mile x 3-mile-wide island with 15,000 residents, Anguilla enthusiasts Leigh Fazzina and David Straub of Philadelphia founded the organization in 2019 to help save the lives of homeless dogs that would otherwise not have a chance at life in Anguilla due to overpopulation and a crowded on-island shelter. 

To date, the organization has grown and is currently comprised of six core volunteer team members doing the day-to-day work, 65+ volunteer foster parents, and 250+ volunteer transporters who carry and fly the small puppies in cabin to the United States and Canada. Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue also rescues medium to large-sized dogs and flies them on both private-chartered and cargo airplanes. The organization has built strong relationships with pilots and captains, cargo airlines, customs brokers, and dog handlers in Anguilla, St Martin, Puerto Rico. 

All of our dogs are cared for in foster homes throughout the Unite States and Canada, where foster families treat and care for each of the dogs like their own.  

Where Our Dogs Come From

Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue has a strong working relationship with Morlens Veterinary Clinic and the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation in Anguilla. Morlens Veterinary Clinic and the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation are the only veterinary clinic and dog rescue shelter on the island of Anguilla. 

Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue adopts what we call the “left over” dogs from the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation. These are dogs that were not adopted locally on island, whose time has “expired”, and are up for euthanization due to space limitations at their shelter. Once we adopt these dogs, the dogs become Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue dogs and are under our ownership and cared for and board at by Morlens Veterinary Clinic.

Morlens Veterinary Clinic examines, treats, medicates, boards, and cares for the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue dogs while they wait in Anguilla for a ride to the United States. Our dogs are well cared for by the Morlens Veterinary Clinic staff, receive socialization time with other dogs three times a day in the clinic play yard, with the bigger dogs getting walked by volunteers throughout the week.

Our dogs’ health and wellbeing is Morlens Veterinary Clinic’s primary concern. The staff of veterinarians and vet techs are dedicated to upholding notable veterinary standards to provide every dog with superior care in a welcoming, relaxed environment. The staff is comprised of three veterinarians, three vet techs, and an office manager.

From exams and vaccinations, to spay and neuter surgeries, Morlen’s Veterinary Clinic prepares the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue dogs so they can fly to the United States and live their best lives in forever homes.

Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue and Morlens Veterinary Clinic follow all U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines and rules, and provide all appropriate medical records and paperwork, for the dogs to enter the United States and be approved and cleared by U.S. Customs officers. 


Our Mission & Philosophy