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Available Dogs

Below are the dogs that the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue currently has available for adoption. Each dog is listed in the city/state where he or she is being fostered and where you will pick up the dog once you have been approved to adopt.

If you feel that a certain dog is a good match for you / your family, and wish to be considered for adoption, head on over to the adoption application, fill it out entirely and hit “submit” to apply.

All applications are reviewed and screened thoroughly. The approval process is very important to us so that we can be assured that every dog is going to be set up for the best of success with a fully committed forever family.

Please keep in mind that Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue is a small organization comprised of volunteers and the adoption approval process can take two to seven days from when you submit your application. We will be in touch with every applicant and kindly ask for your patience.