Flying to forever… One pup at a time.

Get Involved With The Fly To Freedom Flyer Dog Rescue

So many stars need to align when our puppies get rescued and adopted. And two of the most important stars are having a puppy transporter and foster parent. You can become a puppy transporter and / or a foster mom or dad.

Become a Puppy Transporter

If you are visiting Anguilla and would like to volunteer to transport a puppy or two to your U.S. destination city when you depart Anguilla, please contact us via form link below. Each adult traveling can transport one to two puppies in a soft-sided cabin carrier bag on the airplane (depending in the size of the puppy). EX: if you are a family of four you can transport up to 2 puppies per adult traveler. The puppy/puppies fit into the soft-sided cabin carrier bag that you carry by hand and the soft-sided cabin carrier bag slides under your seat when you are on the airplane. All transport arrangements are made for you and coordination instructions are sent to you a couple days prior to your departure from Anguilla. A volunteer from the Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue team member will work with you to make travel arrangements and will meet you at Blowing Point Terminal in Anguilla (if traveling to St. Martin via ferry service), the Anguilla Airport, or the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Martin to drop the puppy/puppies off to you in their carrier bags with their supplies. Once you arrive to your destination city, the adopter will meet you at the airport to obtain the puppy up from you.

Anguilla visitors who are interested in transporting can fill out this form up to a year in advance of travel and a minimum of one month prior to travel (although we prefer you fill it out as soon as you know you can transport). The information and answers you provide will alert our team of your interest in transporting a puppy and help us plan per the vaccination schedules of each puppy. This information allows our team to put you on our upcoming transport list and allows the team to begin communicating with you about the process.

Transporting a puppy from Anguilla is easy, fun and incredibly rewarding. The puppy sleeps most of the time while in flight.

“Transporting what were once homeless puppies for the Fly To Freedom Flyer Dog Rescue and helping them get to their adopting families in the U.S. is the most rewarding experiences. The FTFDR team handles all of the transport planning and coordination details and makes the experience incredibly easy for us. We just take the puppy onto our plane ride like it’s our carry-on luggage, slide it under our seat, and transport it to our destination airport where the adopter meets us to pick up their newly adopted puppy. The American Airlines crew in the airport is always happy to see the puppies being rescued from Anguilla. Transporting a puppy on Freedom Flight day is one of the best volunteer experiences you will ever have. And we highly recommend it.”
- Dianne & Brian Quimby, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Foster a puppy in your home

You can volunteer to foster a Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue puppy in your home. Our team will coordinate all arrangements to pair you with the individual/family who will be transporting a puppy from Anguilla to a U.S. airport near you. As a foster, you will pick the puppy up at the arrival city, transport the puppy to your home, and foster the puppy until we  approve an adopter. Fostering a puppy usually takes a couple of days to three weeks until the pup is adopted. If interested in fostering, you will be invited to participate in a conference call with our Adoptions Director who will speak to you about the fostering process. You will then become part of the Foster Parents of Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue group on Facebook where all foster needs are communicated and coordinated. During the foster period, our team will communicate with you to keep you informed about when an individual/family have been approved to adopt the puppy you are fostering. You can make arrangements to drop off or meet the adopting family to deliver the puppy to their new home.

Important components of our rescue are our foster parents and foster homes. The principle behind fostering is to provide one of our homeless dogs with a stable environment in order to give the pup some time to get placed into a forever home. This also allows us to evaluate the pup’s personality, habits, needs and behaviors. Fostering allows us the opportunity to gain information that is useful in finding the appropriate permanent home for the pup. We are always in need of caring, responsible adults to join our foster team by opening their homes and their hearts to one of our Anguilla pups. We require you to complete an application before fostering a pup. Once approved to foster, we will contact you when a need for foster arises in your area.

Donating Supplies

The Fly To Freedom Dog Rescue is a small 100% all-volunteer non-profit organization that relies on donations to help with the costs for supplies that help get the puppies rescued. Those supplies include soft-sided cabin carriers, hard crates, puppy collars, leashes, cloth hand towels, sanitary wipes, flea/tick medication, food, heartworm tests and veterinary exams and medicine. We invite you to make a charity donation at any time throughout the year via our PayPal Giving Fund account. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.